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Monasterio Hotel and Pitacoffee are pleased to invite you to the first Expo Café, Crafts and Archeological tour of San Agustin, Huila, in Colombia. And to experience a wonderful archaeological adventure visiting the most mystical places in Colombia such as the National Park of San Agustin, Alto de los Idolos, three streams, etc. You can also choose tracking, rafting, or just relax in the middle of nature.

This will be the firs fair trade, exposition, specialized in the promotion of the best specialty coffees in the region as well as the craft. This event integrates the entire coffee value chain and offers a scenario to expose and publicize trends and innovations in the coffee market nationally and internationally.

We will experience first-hand the coffee processes at the farm and we will have lectures about roasting, barist, and cupping, from the experts at the National School of Coffee Quality.

how would we make this happened?

In this section, you will find all of the itinerary to make this adventure happened, check out every one of the items that are down below.

travel agent María

Our allied travel agency will take care of your trip from the point of departure to the meeting point with the event, including tour guides and translations into different languages.

monasterio hotel

Enjoy a pleasant stay at the best hotel in San Agustin. The comfort of our facilities, the friendliness of our staff and the quality of our food, make the stay in the hotel itself a cultural experience.

Come and forget about the problems, relax and enjoy nature.

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guided excursion to the Archaeological park san agustin huila

See the most important archaeological park in Colombia in a guided tour with experts in pre-Columbian history.

Get more knowledge of the San Agustina culture, or simply have a moment of relaxation, canoeing (rafting), horseback riding, tracking to Tres Chorros (three streams), baristms workshop, typical kitchen or craft workshop, Spa or Temazcal.

flavours and knowledge of coffee

Get to know the whole coffee process from the seed to the cup. We all know that what makes coffee so special is the taste of it, that’s why here we care about having the best processes of cultivation, drying and roasting, so that at the end we can enjoy the most exquisite cup of coffee the earth can produce.

That is why we will have experts from the National School of Coffee Quality bringing us to know these processes directly in the farm.

Micro-lots contest

Obviously, we will have the Micro-lot contest with its respective cupping contest, awarding and auctioning of the winning lots.

This event integrates the entire coffee value chain and offers a setting to expose and publicize the coffee of the region nationally and internationally.

craft fair

From September 27 to the 29, 2019, the fair will take place in San Agustin, Huila; One of the cultural and commercial events, which for generations, has framed the authentic expression of artisans through our land. 

The objective of the fair is to give the opportunity to the best exhibitors of the handicrafts of the region to show their products to foreign and national visitors who will congregate at the fair.

The Fair will consist of the handmade and complementary displays; each of them has different selection criteria; and the result of the evaluation will be the decision of the evaluation committee of the fair, which has total autonomy in the final selection of exhibitors.

sponsoring companies

Our sponsors will be our reinforcement to make your adventure come true.


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At Pitacoffee as well as at the Hotel Monasterio we have highly trained personnel to serve your needs, teamwork is the force that pushes us to do things well, always looking for the benefit of the coffee families of our region.

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